A Complete Guide To Smoke Detector Beeping

smoke detector beepingAs a property owner, you always will be naturally concerned about the safety of your family, your business and yourself especially when it comes to fire. One of the best ways of doing this is by installing smoke detectors so that your family can be evacuated, your property salvaged and the fire put out.

However, there always are drawbacks that people face when using a detector. For instance there are times when it starts beeping even when there is no fire.

Such a situation can be irritating especially when it alarms your children, employees, friends and pets in addition to disturbing your sleep.

But, NEVER ignore it. At first try to find the fire. If you find it, do the following steps and make your family familiar with those steps:

  1. warn your whole family members about that, mainly your small children
  2. quickly go out from your home through your own escape route
  3. watch out of hot door knob when you try to open escape door
  4. stay away from smoky air by getting closer to the floor. Use wet cloth if required
  5. head count once you are outside
  6. call fire department from outside for help
  7. don’t try to return back to your home until the fire department allows you to do it

But, if you cannot find any fire, there may be other reasons why smoke detector beeping. Here are other things that cause smoke detector beeping and how you can correct them.

New batteries are needed

One of the main reasons why smoke detectors beep continually is because the batteries need to be replaced. For alarms that are powered by batteries, it is recommended to replace them every six months.

You however, should also know that in some instances, the beeping can go on even after replacing the batteries. The major cause of this is wrong installation.

Check the terminals of the batteries to ensure that they have been placed in the right position. Studies have also shown that most smoke detectors do not work perfectly with rechargeable batteries. If you are using such, it could be that they were not fully charged and so, they have run out of power faster than you expected.

There is too much dust and debris

Smoke alarms that are covered by too much smoke and debris can also beep continuously. Things such as cobwebs, debris from ceiling materials and the effects of insects can easily cause this problem.

This is more likely to be the case if your house is infested with pests such as rats. You can easily get rid of the dust and debris by using the normal blower that you use to clean your computer keyboard.

You also can do this easily by using a handheld vacuum cleaner. In fact, you will be baffled to find out that there is too much dust than what your eyes can see.

There are people who just install these systems in their house and spend a long time without even taking a look at them as long as there is an indication that they are working.

It however is important to observe some safety precautions when cleaning in order to stop a smoke detector beeping. To take care of your battery and the entire system, it is advisable to disconnect it before you start cleaning.

You also should be careful with the fragile parts. Even though you desperately want to stop the beeping, it makes no sense to damage some parts as it will render the whole thing useless. You also should watch out for your own safety.

There could be a poisonous spider hiding under the detector, meaning that when you start cleaning, it will be disturbed and might inflict harm. In such situations, you should avoid cleaning when standing on a stool that is too high for to get off fast.

There have been temperature fluctuations

The smoke alarm beeping intermittently could also be because of sharp fluctuations in temperatures. The smoke alarm detects when you have set the thermostat too high or too low and will therefore issue an alert.

Although things to do with temperatures depends on what every individual prefers and the specific conditions in the building, you should try to set it at a moderate level.

Try to find a way of being comfortable in the house or office without having to set the temperatures to the extremes. The good thing is that regardless of your situation, achieving this cannot be too difficult.

Apart from the extreme temperatures from the thermostat, hot air from the shower or kitchen can cause the beeping. Washing dishes at high heat produces will definitely emit hot air and the detectors will easily sense this.

It also happens when someone opens the bathroom door after taking a hot shower. This is easy to handle since you can effortlessly move the smoke detectors from near the kitchen or the bathroom.

If there are some other ways through which you can stop the hot air from reaching the vents, you should also do it. This is a simple problem since the false alarm will definitely be no more after the temperatures come back to normal.

The silent button was pushed

To periodically test the smoke alarm, most manufacturer recommend pressing the silent or test buttons. You can be sure that the system is functioning if the detector beeps when you do this.

However, it is possible to accidentally press the button and this can lead to a false alarm. This can easily happen when you are cleaning especially around the detector.

If you suspect that this is the case, all that you need to do is to disconnect the circuit and connect it again. You can also remove the batteries just to be sure that this is the cause.

If the beeping continues even after doing this, you should try to check the other factors in order to stop the smoke detector beeping.

The life of the smoke detector has ended

The final reason why there could be a false alarm from this system could be because it has reached the end of its lifetime. These alarms often last for around ten years depending on the brand and the conditions under which they are used.

You therefore should remove the detector and check the manufacturing date. If it has already exceeded its lifespan, that is an indication that you should find another. Make sure that a replacement is found as soon as possible so as to be safe all the time.

Avoiding smoke detector beeping requires you to find an expert electrician. Whether you want to check the faults or to install a new one altogether, you can only be assured of safety if the person handling the project is qualified and experienced.